Everybodys Darling.
(with music.)

Tingel Tangel is planning a trip around the world.
I am / crazy, creative, funny, insane, a freak
I am not / boring
What would you NOT do for a whole load of money?
I used to think / that I was sensual and cranky
Now I know / that I am.
This country needs more / gambling, fun and positive pressure.
This country needs not / Berlin
The good thing about growing up / consciously knowing that the forbidden things really are the most fun
The bad thing about growing up / you can’t just say, I didn’t know better anymore


Tin : gel Tan : gel
this Tin:gel Tan:gel
Tin : gel Tan : gels
these Tin:gel Tan:gels

Translations from German:
a music or theatre group (especially one that is moving from town to town)
a place where shows of such groups are presented
entertainment, being offered by a tingeltangel.
Or more specific:
Varieté or dance club with lower standards
flat, unpretentious and shallow entertainment.

English: cheap nightclub, honky tonk

Sadly, no positive association of Tingel Tangel conjured up here so far, only go go, chi chi und bling bling.
That is going to change.

There are some discussions and different opinions going on about the heritage of the word:

In ‚Meyer’s Konversationslexikon‘ (encyclopedia) 1909

Tingel Tangel. An expression from Berlin for singing halls on the lowest levels with burlesque shows and performances. Allegedly, they got ther name from the singing comedian Tange who sang his popular ‚Triangellied‘ on the stage of the ‚Triangelbau‘. According to others, the word T. first came up in Hamburg (the El Dorado of T.‘s). To run a Tingeltangel you would have needed an official permission, if no a licence for acting companies. In single states, the T. are under constant surveillance by the police.
Tingel Tangel, an expression coming from the early seventies of the 19th Century most probably from Berlin for ambiguous singing halls (cafés chantants) which were built after the tone of the cymbal.
Numerous Notes by Sanders (c.f. Ergb. S. 549), show more words like ‚Tingeltangel-Lied‘, ‚Tingeltangel-Gassenhauer‘ and ‚Tingeltangelwirtschaft‘ (TTSong, Tthit, Ttbusiness) are mentioned. Also, c.f. Bleibtreu. (1888). Größenwahn 1. 270. for the expression ‚mimende Tingeltangeleusen‘.

The Tingel-Tangel-Theatre in the basement of the ‚Theater des Westens‘ in Berlin was founded in 1931 by Friedrich Hollaender. Before the TT-Theatre moved in, these rooms held the ‚Wilde Bühne‘ (wild stage) by Trude Hesterberg which was one of the most famous entertainment places in Berlin alongside Cabarets like the ‚Schall und Rauch’, ‚Cafe Größenwahn‘ and the ‚Katakombe‘.

Furthermore, one can also find a feminine theory of the heritage of Tingeltangel:
Tingeltangel: In medieval Germany, a scottish witch confessed that a song had been happily sung during an orgy to the honours of the Mother Goddess which was called ‚Tinkletum Tankletum‘. (Barbara G. Walker)

In 2010 Tingel Tangel from Vienna, Austria is a club oriented platform for projects concerning art and culture. And people!
We do this and the audience just keeps telling us that we are the cutest club ever. So let’s see…

Bio & Background:

Tingel Tangel, that is Bernhard Tobola, Simon Riegler and Armin Schmelz. The main focus lies in encouraging people’s social competence and the participants positive self-respect. Our understanding of social competence is the complex of all personal skills and attitudes that help change individual, to a more community-based kind of behaviour. Socially competent behaviour combines the aims and activities of individuals with the ethical values and opinions of a group. So the key to a working, non-authoritarian and healthy society therefore is, actually, a person’s sufficient social compentence.

To show that the above’s not just empty words, the following are some responses we received during the past few years:

,It was quality over quantity, the skill-level and entertainment topped my expectations. But that’s the way with Tingel Tangel. All the same people again, but in better constellation. ‚Incest deluxe‘ is still almost too weak an expression for what’s happening…‘

‚With fresh tracks and fast-talking, TT showed their ability fearlessly being both fun and amusing and also critical of the system.‘

‚Wit, charm and a whiff of a personal character.‘

‚Again, TT inspires with their witty and lively show.‘

‚TT manages to suggest a feeling of doom in a highly light and cheerful way.‘

‚Everything has probably been said and written. But…
My last visit was only a few days back. TT seems a little lost and forgotten at first glance but that is part of the atmosphere making it to the establishment what it is. Everything is fluffy red and very comfortable. It’s not huge and people accidentally tend to stumble over one’s feet – another way of getting to know each other, perhaps
The shows are brilliant not only because of the people doing the ‚action‘ but also because of the audience. Everybody is attending, from the average worker to actress or manager and everybody is treated the same, except for those who have a little vitB
The audience is always included in the show, so if one doesn’t want that he/she should look for a place far away from the stage, though that might not even be enough!! The shows are hot and the dance afterwards is smashing and defenitely worth it.‘

‚TT is not only worth hearing but also worth watching. Something to remember.‘

(quelle: google.com)